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Thai oil massage

Olejová masážThai oil massage uses elements of a traditional Thai massage. The Thai oil massage is sometimes labelled as a milder form of a traditional massage. The essence of using massage oil is the emphasis on the use of various aromatic and essential oils evoking a pleasant atmosphere that leads to a complete relaxation of body and mind, in the context of aromatherapy. With the Thai oil massage, main emphasis is put on relaxation.

Thai oil massage is performed on a massage table with the client only using a towel, otherwise it is without clothing. This is main difference from the traditional Thai massage. The client then has the choice of many types of oils. The core oil massage is based on the principles of a traditional Thai massage, beginning with the massage to the hands and feet, including the fingertips, continuing from the top of the head through to the neck and then on to the spine. The aim of the Thai oil massage is sheer relaxation throughout the body and to induce pleasant feelings of relaxation within instigated aromatic oils. Needless to say, the pressure in the Thai oil massage is not as intense as with a traditional Thai massage.

Thai oil massage is not recommended for pregnant women and people with varicose veins. It can then be used by either sex without restriction.

Effects of Thai oil massage:

  • Total relaxation of body and mind
  • Relief from back pain, spine, muscles and joints
  • Relieves swelling
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Improves mental health
  • Helps with stress and tension
Duration Price list
60 minutes 790,- Kč
90 minutes 1.050,- Kč
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