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Massage for mums

Massage for mums This massage is very a suitable procedure for mothers after childbirth. All women who give birth to a child undergo a certain change in the body and therefore need to nurture their body more than ever before. This massage can help the body to eliminate afterbirth pain.

The massage is carried out using various herbal oils of your choice. It focuses on the problematic parts of the body after birth. Apart from this pleasant relaxation massage evolving the entire body, the massage has the element to eliminate toxic and harmful substances as natural as possible, enabling the return of the body to its original state.

Effects of massage for moms:

  • Detoxification of the whole body
  • Promote the proper blood circulation
  • It relieves afterbirth pain
Duration Price list
60 minutes 790,- Kč
90 minutes 1.090,- Kč
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