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Thai foot massage

Foot massage Thai foot massage is focused on working with the feet. The actual procedure utilizes all the energy lines and acupressure points in the feet to stimulate reflex points and nerve endings, which is more than seven thousand.

Thai foot massage is also sometimes called "fatigue." It is often popular with clients who have the feeling of heavy and tired legs. Thai foot massage is a great way to prevent the potential danger of diseases from blood circulation.

Thai foot massage:

  • It improves the metabolism of the organism
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • It improves the body's immunity
  • It has a rejuvenating and detoxifying effects
  • It relieves stress and nervous tension
  • It relieves Foot Pain
  • It is prevention against diseases of blood circulation
Duration Price list
30 minutes 350,- Kč
60 minutes 640,- Kč
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