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Peeling Peeling is a form of skin care. During this procedure dead cells and debris from the skin are removed , this is credited to abrasive particles contained in the massage oil to make the skin feel soft and smooth, achieving youthful looks with the skin velvety to touch.

The aim of peeling is to acquire a cleared, delicate skin that is free from all impurities and toxic substances. This massage promotes the lymphatic system and improves overall blood circulation. It also functions as a means to correct the subcutaneous circulation system. During this massage the skin pores open, and that then leads to proper absorption of active ingredients into the skin. It is also suitable for cellulite.

Peeling among other things has a relaxing and positive effect on the human body and mind. With this massage you will feel relaxed, rested, and strong enough to cope with everyday life.

Effects of peeling:

  • Skin detoxification
  • Supports the lymphatic system and proper blood flow
  • Operates globally with nervous tension, stress and exhaustion
  • Creates a calm and pleasant relaxation
  • Acts against cellulite
Duration Price list
90 minutes 790,- Kč
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