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Thai massage

Thai massage studio SAMPAO in Ostrava is engaged in providing original and high quality services for the care of the human body. In recent years, the authentic, original Thai massages are gaining more and more popularity not only in western countries but also in the Czech Republic. Our Thai massages have a very beneficial effect on the human body, as proved by results of long-term research.

Thai massage studio SAMPAO focuses not only on the traditional Thai massage, but also on other types of traditional Thai massages. Our offer is therefore intended for a wide range of clients and everyone can find whatever suits their needs. The actual procedures are carried out in a comfortable, tastefully furnished environment of our original Thai massage studio.

The beneficial effect of our classic Thai massage can be enjoyed by everyone but will be mostly appreciated by people who:

  • suffer from back pain , muscle and joint pain
  • suffer from psychosomatic illnesses
  • are exposed to excessive stress, mental stress, nervous tension, etc.
  • professionally do sport, dance, etc.

Classic Thai massage is based on methodological work with the body, which plays a key role in connection with acupressure and yoga. During the massage we use acupressure points that are connected by the Senate. A highly abundant element of Thai massage is meditation which is the reason for it sometimes being referred to as the „yoga massage“. Thai massage can treat clients of all ages, both men and women.

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